Grand opening of Kiruna’s new city centre

1–3 September

– Music – Food & drink – Fun activities for kids – Dancing – Talks – Magic – Shopping – Theatre

Welcome to a celebration for all Kiruna residents!

Kiruna’s new city centre has been in development for many years at the same time as the city’s old centre has, little by little, been dismantled. We live in exciting times here in Kiruna. Now, it is finally time to take the next step in our city’s transformation and inaugurate our new city centre.

To mark the event, we’re inviting everyone to a three-day celebration with music, dancing, food and drink, performances and other exciting experiences for all ages and tastes.

Check out the programme below. We hope to see you in the new city centre!

Petra Malm

John Houdi

Norlie & KKV

Nour El-Refai

Felicia Takman

David Ritschard

Hanna Ferm


Pernilla Andersson

De Vet Du




Subject to possible changes.
*Tickets needed due to limited seats.


Jam-packed programme at the new city library


Extended opening hours at Konstmuseet i Norr


Jägarmilen, with new routes


Premiere of the newly built city quarters


Visit the new art gallery in Aurora


Cinema for children and adults


Follow the grand opening live!


Kiruna art collection in Kristallen

Food & drink

You will find restaurants in Aurora, the shopping malls and at hotel Scandic Kiruna. The café in Kristallen will be open throughout the opening weekend and there will even be fika stalls dotted around the place. Plus, there will be plenty of food to be had outdoors at “Lavvu land” where you will be able to choose from a wide range of dishes.


Tickets are available on Tickster and at Direkten in Kiruna from 12th of August.

All events are free of charge, but program items marked with * require a ticket due to limited number of seats. A ticket is not required for events that takes place in the shopping malls, the library and Ungdomens hus.

Maximum four tickets per person and event.
Transport & buses
Leave your car at home to avoid traffic congestion. If you are coming by car, the easiest option is to follow the signs to the designated parking areas. See signs.

Local transport will be transitioning to new timetables and lines prior to the grand opening, with good connections to the new Kiruna centre. See bus timetables on the Hörvalls website.

Länstrafiken’s buses to and from the eastern parts of the municipality will be running more frequently during the opening weekend. The Karesuando bus (Länkstrafiken nr 50) will have more departures and extend certain trips to Saivomuotka.

The bus will start in Saivomuotka at 05:20 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday 1–3 September. The bus will pick up passengers in Suijavaara and Kuttainen. Then it will continue per regular schedule 06:40 from Karesuando with regular stops. A daily returning bus will be departing from the new city centre at 17:00 with regular stops until Karesuando and then continue to Saivomuotka. Please observe that this extended trip is also running on Saturday.

Karesuando Busstation
Mertajärvi väg 45
Idivuoma Gamla Affären
Ö Soppero Uno-x
N Soppero Kiosken
Vittangi Busstation
Svappavaara Konsum
Altajärvi E10
Kiruna Flygplats E10
Kiruna Nya C
Toilets are available in Kristallen, Aurora and the shopping malls, as well as temporary outdoor toilets. See signs. Toilets at hotel Scandic Kiruna are for hotel guests only.
Map over the area
See a map (in Swedish) of the area with parking spots and toilets marked out here.
Press information
For info, press images and other requests, contact LKAB.

Ulrika Huhtaniska
Press Officer for city centre relocation LKAB
Communication & climate LKAB
+46 70-268 39 92
During the opening days, parking lots in the area can get crowded. Therefore, choose another mode of transport if possible. Under the Transport tab, you can read more about how to get to the new Kiruna city center without a car.

Most activities take place in the new cultural center Aurora kultur & kongress, where there are elevators that take you to the different floors. In Aurora, you will also find a staffed reception during all opening days between 10:00 and 23:00, as well as information screens showing the program and other important information.

The opening ceremony, with speeches and entertainment, will take place outdoors from Aurora’s large balcony on Saturday 3/9 at 13:00–14:00. For those with disabilities, there will be a ramp adapted for wheelchairs from which you can view the ceremony. You will find it on the left side of the balcony facing Kristallen.

As there will be many of us in the new square, we ask everyone to show consideration for each other and not create congestion. There are cordoned off areas where ground work has not been completed – pay extra attention to these cordons. Those of you who have children with you should keep a watchful eye on your little ones.
Safety & enjoyment
In order for all visitors to feel as safe as possible, there will be event officials in the area. All officials wear yellow vests so that you can easily find us if you need help with something. There will also be security guards in the buildings where activities are taking place, and should someone become acutely ill or injured, there will be trained medical personnel on site.

If you need to get in touch with healthcare personnel, the easiest way is to go to the main entrance of Kristallen city hall and then follow the signs marked with a red cross. In the event of a serious accident or illness, call 112!

As there are areas near our new city center that are still under construction, we ask everyone to exercise caution. It is absolutely forbidden to pass enclosures and barriers and we urge parents to keep a special eye on your children and young ones.

In case of evacuation, there is a gathering place: Malmvägen, the large parking lot on the right below the Yamaha house.

We recommend leaving the pets at home where they are safe and secure. This is because they are sensitive to sound and because it can get crowded in the area. There may also be debris and glass on the ground that can injure your animal.

For everyone’s comfort, we ask you not to throw rubbish or other things on the ground. Use the bins in the area. We apply a smoke-free square during the opening days. For those who want to smoke, there is a designated smoking area by the outdoor toilets (see map).

Events that gather many visitors can attract pickpockets. Therefore, keep an extra eye on your purse, wallet and mobile phone.

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